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In this section you can choose any products from the category of sports pharmacology, compare them with each other, to learn useful information.

At the moment, the market of sports pharmacology is very large and diverse. Each seller is trying to compliment their brand, many of the vendors themselves engaged in the production of drugs, they buy raw materials for AAS and are engaged in manufacturing. Due to this huge selection of people who just choose drugs to their lives changed dramatically, often does not fall on a quality product, people impose what that little-known brands and steroids retailers supposedly based on its experience offer people a low quality product.

We choose a different strategy of action by the fact that we are engaged in this industry for a long time, we have tried a huge amount of anabolic steroids and other products on the basis of this in our shop are only working on behalf of the steroids manufacturer. We hope that our assortment can offer high-quality products.

If you are not targeting to producers and do not know very little about the preparations of sports pharmacology, we give you a list of special items of products that we present to your attention:

Oral medications

  • Dianabol (also known as methane);
  • Turinabol;
  • Oxandrolone;
  • Stanozolol (called "mill")
  • Oksimetalon (aka Anadrol)
  • Modafil
  • Clomid (clomiphene citrate)
  • Tamoxifen
  • Proviron (Masterolon)
  • Anastrozole
  • Viagem (Tadalafil, Sildenafil)
  • Clenbuterol
  • T-3 (thyroid hormone)

Injectables steroids

  • Primobolan;
  • Testosterone enanthate;
  • Testosterone cypionate;
  • Testosterone propionate;
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • Testosterone mix (Sustanon 250)
  • Testosterone Suspension
  • Boldenone
  • Masteron;
  • Injection Methane;
  • Trenbolone acetate
  • Trenbolone Entanat
  • Trenbolone Geksa
  • Trenbolone Mix (three-friction)
  • Winstrol;
  • Retabolil (deck nadrolon decanoate)
  • Durabolin (nadrolon phenylpropionate)
  • Nadrolon mix
  • Chronic Gonadotropin
  • A growth hormone

Steroids Cycles

Rate of anabolic steroids is quite wide theme to which each athlete fits differently. There play many factors, such as the availability of certain products of sports pharmacology. Well, now there is an opportunity to order the desired products in our online store and get them within a maximum of 2-weeks (much depends on your place of residence).

Combinations of drugs may be quite different, since the objectives of the athletes are also different. For example, if you want to gain weight, the following options are available:

Steroids for muscle gain.

Methane solo, taking the drug at 30-40 mg per day, the duration of 6-8 weeks

Turinabol solo, taking the drug at 40 mg 8 weeks in a row.

Methane and stanozolol, in the cycle of 6 weeks to do, take the 3 tab. Methane and 3 stanozolol.

Methane and Deca methane by 30-40mg a day, deck 200-400mg per week. Duration 8 weeks

To develop strength and muscle mass will approach the following AAS cycles.

Testosterone entanat methane, methane on 40mg daily test. Entanat of 250-500mg per week. Cycle length 8 weeks

Methane entanat testosterone and deca, the classic cycle for strongman. Methane is 40 mg per day for testosterone 250mg per week, the deck 250 mg per week.

Methane, Sustanon and Deca.

The cycle of steroids for drying or high quality muscle gain  might look like

Boldenone and stanozolol Stanazolol of 40mg a day, boldenone 400mg per week.

Testosterone propionate + Turinabol Turinabol at 40mg a day, 100mg of testosterone a day.

+ Winstrol Winstrol Deca at 50mg a day, the deck of 250 mg per week.

Stanozolol (yelling) + + Sustanon trenbolone stanozolol 40mg daily, trenbolone 300mg per week, Sustanon 250-500mg per week.

Masteron, trenbolone acetate and testosterone propionate.

But these cycles anabolic steroids just compiled on the basis of what the most frequent ligament used in practice. Each case is unique and the entire line of approach to the composition of the cycle based on your needs and the point at which you take the start. To assist in the composition cycle of steroids, contact us for help on a forum. link

Reviews of AAS and other drugs, counseling

It is very useful to be able to consult with experienced athletes on the preparation of steroid cycles, training programs and many more things that make up the path to the achievement of the objectives.

Reviews of themselves steroids on the Internet you can find a completely different, there are both positive and negative, the point is that most people who start taking steroids often do not possess the necessary knowledge and are taking anabolic steroids is not right, do not follow the diet, not laid out in training properly. Based on these situations, and are born negative reviews. To avoid all these unpleasant moments and gain a correct understanding of sports pharmacology You can ask questions on the forum in the relevant topics.

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